About Me

Julee Portner

Offering health and wellbeing coaching and care especially as related to optimal function with talking and eating. Specialities in support life time ultimate nourishment of mom, baby and family. Feeding is the foundation of wellbeing. Every family’s journey is unique. Coaching can make your path crystal clear. Your optimal health and wellbeing can be achieved and maintained easily. Customized, compassionate evidenced based care.

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Life time experience, education, practice and experimenting with newest techniques. This began when I was 8 years old and my father became a holistic medical doctor and brought home all of his teachings and mentors. Being curious and interested in all things taking care of people I gained much knowledge and skills in many ways that it is possible to stay well and take care of our minds, bodies and spirits. Food is medicine, nurture and nourishment. People are confused about what is best, how and where, when, who and all the specifics about all the parts of what to eat and how much. There is so much advice out there, much of it is conflicting and it is not always working at all or for long. Giving customized care, blending traditional evidence based knowledge with holistic, integrative and functional practices supports unique and effective plans for people to follow to get, be and stay well.

Coaching work with Julee gets you to your best recipe for living your life with robust health and wellbeing.

Julee has studied and followed Dr. Sears during her own pregnancy, birth, and child rearing. Depending on his wisdom and knowledge to help me understand what was going on with my body and how to recognize its needs. His approach merged nicely with my education and work as a speech language pathologist with specialized training in eating, feeding, swallowing, swallowing. Offering assessment, care, counseling and family supports to make life easy with all things related to talking and eating.

What and how we eat matters. It impacts our wellbeing. I know what it takes to eat well and been helping with in some aspects of eating, feeding and communicating with their bodies, themselves and their world for over 28 years. Master the ways that work best for you. Get a comprehensive assessment and see how to move your health and lifestyle in your perfect direction.