Health Coaching

As a Master Certified Health and wellness coach, I provide a wide range of services to help individuals and families achieve their optimal wellness goals.

Need a nudge in the right direction?

let me help you

make and follow a plan

My services include a variety of individual consultations and treatment programs, group supports, seasonal workshops, wellness meet ups, and lectures (appropriate for health care facilities and institutions, schools, community groups, teacher, parent groups, religious organizaions, home schools, families, senior centers and more.)

Talking and eating… we all do it.

Often we can do it better, or have to for our health and quality of life. Little changes often make big impacts. It often just takes seeing things from another viewpoint, having an experience. Then, if it seems like it will be good for, figuring out ways to fit a trial of something new easily into your daily schedule. Coaching can help you live very well.

Individual Consultations

Here is where we meet, evaluate your lifestyle, and your desired goals and focus of the coaching. We identify obstacles, needs and have a mini treatment and experiment. Then we develop a plan and are given ideas and things to try that will right away be helpful for you.


Our visits will be custom designed with the number of sessions and how best to check in, following your initial consult.

Seasonal Workshops

Enjoy fun interaction and educational wordkshops. Learn the health and wellbeing benefits of focusing on:

  • What you eat
  • Why and how to make changes that have lasting impacts

Group Supports

Come join a group where you can experiences practical tips, hear stories and make up possible scenarios for your best success. Learn things to make living and staying well easy.

Available for community events, health fairs, family meetings about eating.

Workplace Wellness

Even if it is only for you. Set up your office and workplace for improved wellness. Personal goals or your whole work place or group. PEMS focus. Food, omvenet, mindset and time off and away.

Customized plans and programs to be discussed. Work through how to make lifestyle changes work for you and family.

Pantry Makeover

Have fun while cleaning your pantry and fridge. An interactive home consultation (virtual and in person) Foods that you might consider their healthier options. Home food plan experimentation. Buying, cooking, ordering- tips to stay on plan. All stages of change in the kitchen, individually and for your whole family.

Smart Shopping

No matter how you are shopping, in person or online, don’t let all the choices intimidate or overwhelm you. Shop with confidence. Discover secrets to identifying healthy and best options. Receive suggested brand/s shopping list to stay on track with your goals. Get personalized attention during a shopping trip. Get fantastic time management and easy ideas.

Order food online- stay away from the store. It is worth it for some to pay for the delivery. This helps you to stay on track and only get delivered what you ordered. Let’s place that order together.

Set up personal food delivery. Your own chef, making the foods that keep you well and healthy. Saving you time and letting you live your modern lifestyle while staying on track with you feeding goals.

Ideas are offered in these sessions for eating healthy within your family money and time budget. Enjoyable way to sustain healthy eating with a busy lifestyle is very possible.

Online Classes: Making Changes

Stay in touch and accountable to your goals. Be at home and still stay on track with your personal wellness. Check in and stay connected to community, get support from likeminded others. We get together, we talk story and keep the focus on health and wellness. Group is moderated by a health care coach expert.

Topics include:

  • Easy ways to simplify life while improving your overall health.
  • Weight and energy focus.
  • How to manage it all and well.

Get Expert help from home. Get schedule and sign up here. For Making Changes (Link with scheduler)

Science-Based Solutions

Take control of your health and learn simple, effective strategies to help prevent disease, sleep better, sharpen thinking, boost energy, reduce cravings and more!

Strategies Personalized For:


  • Experience improvements in your overall health
  • Have fewer sick days and less time away from school or work
  • Significantly reduce your medical expenses
  • Discover a personalized weight control plan that actually works!
  • Experience more active and truly energetic lives


  • Prevent disease and unhealthy aging
  • Boost energy levels and reduce stress
  • Sleep better and think sharper
  • Use good nutrition to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Reduce the risk of cancer and ailments such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and arthritis
  • Become fit, strong and flexible


  • Prepare for your pregnancy, and discover what to avoid and what to do to turn your pregnancy into a healthy new beginning
  • Discover what to eat so that you and your baby will experience optimal nutrition during pregnancy and beyond
  • Learn how to make a smooth transition from pregnancy to motherhood